International seminar agenda

РГГМУ  ПсковГУ  Санрайз  Grass  Erasmus+

Environmental EResponsibility and Marine Spatial Planning in the Arctic

Strategic objectives and cooperation tools for the EU Governance of Natural Resources

Russian State Hydrometeorological University, St.-Petersburg, Russia, September 25-26, 2018

Workshop organized by Russian State Hydrometeorological University and Pskov State University under the Erasmus+ CBHE project SUNRAISE – Sustainable Natural Resource Use in Arctic and High Mountainous Areas, and Erasmus+ Jean-Monnet project GRASS – EU governance of natural resources: geopolitics, regions and sectors


Venue: the main building of Russian State Hydrometeorological University, Malookhtiski prospect 98, room …

September 25, 2018:

- 9.30 – registration and welcome coffee

- 10.00-10.30 – opening, welcoming addresses, introduction

Sustainable management and environmental responsibility in the Arctic – indicators and rankings

co-chaired by Ruben Zondervan and Eduard Podgaiskii

- 10.30-10.50 – EU and Russian fisheries policies in the Arctic: the prospects for cooperation (Alexander Sergunin)

- 10.50-11.10 - Sustainability of the Russian Arctic Port Towns (Nikolai Bobylev)

- 11.10-11.30 - Crowdsourcing Air Quality Monitoring for Estimation of Environmental Performance Index Changes in Arctic Region (Vladimir Chukin)

Coffee break, 11.30-11.50

- 11.50-12.10 - Construction of the Polar Index of the Arctic Regions and the Rating of Companies Operating in the Arctic Zone of Russia (Sergey Nikonorov)

Reports are available here:

- 12.10-12.30 - Modern situation of delimitation Russian Arctic shelf (Alexander Evdokimov)

- 12.30-12.50 - The Arctic Extractive Industries Responsibility Index (AERI) (Indra Overland)

- 12.50-13.20 – Workshop on the construction of AERI (Indra Overland, Eduard Podgaiskii)

Lunch break, 13.20-14.10

- 14.10-14.30 – Workshop on the construction of AERI (Indra Overland, Eduard Podgaiskii)

Marine spatial planning in the Arctic: the EU and Russia exploring the framework

co-chaired by Kalev Sepp and Indra Overland

- 14.30-14.50 – Maritime spatial planning as an instrument for effective marine management (Andrei Lappo)

- 14.50-15.10 – Proposals for environmental indicators to implement monitoring of economic sector in the Barents Sea (Larisa Danilova)

- 15.10-15.30 - Marginal ice zone and indicator of global changes in the Arctic (Denis Alekseev)

Coffee break, 15.30-16.00

Sustainable management and governance of the Arctic – what is the impact and value of EU-promoted tools

co-chaired by Ruben Zondervan, Sergei Nikanorov and Indra Overland

- 16.00-16.40 – panel discussion

Meeting of the editorial group

co-chaired by Anton Shkaruba and Ruben Zondervan

- 16.40-17.40 – Discussions of policy conclusions and recommendations; perspectives of a scholarly paper

Workshop dinner, 19.00-21.00 (Kavkaz Restaurant, Ulitsa Stakhanovtsev 5,

September 26, 2018:

Marine spatial planning business game “I am the planner”

Moderated by Andrei Lappo and Larisa Danilova

- 9.00-11.30 – Introduction to the game and the game

Coffee break, 11.00-11.30

- 11.30-13.00 – the game, discussion and conclusions on applicability in teaching

Lunch break, 13.00-13.50

Curriculum development for sustainable management and governance in the Arctic

Moderated by Alexander Evdokimov and Kalev Sepp

- 13.50-14.10 – Integration of Arctic research to curriculum development: courses on “Environmental Economics” and “Sustainability Governance” (Sergei Nikonorov)

- 14.10-14.30 - SUNRAISE Arctic courses and cooperation with stakeholders at Siberian Federal University (Viktar Kireyeu)

- 14.30-14.50 - Accounting of employers' requirements for managing the quality of the educational process at Gorno-Altaisk State University (Olga Zhuravleva)

- 14.50-15.20 - Sustainable management of high mountain areas and the Arctic: labour market needs across Eurasia (Anton Shkaruba)

- 15.20-15.40 - Integration of the results of modern Arctic studies in advanced training courses for university teachers and teachers of secondary education schools (Tatiana Vasileva, Olga Likhacheva)

Coffee break, 15.40-16.10

SUNRAISE consultations and group work

- 16.10-18.00 – work in groups